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What is Bitcoins wealth club?

The Bitcoins Wealth Club is a site or portal created by none other than Vitaliy Dubinin to create bitcoin millionaires! But it’s much more than that!

You will learn all about Cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoins, such as how to buy them, how to store them, how they work, where to buy, store and sell them.

The Bitcoins Wealth club was created to give you choices – the choice to do what you want when you want with who you want!

It’s a training platform to gain the knowledge you need to take advantage of bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies and it’s a way to help educate others about Bitcoins and grow their wealth by sharing the Bitcoins Wealth Club.

Update Dec 9 2017: I did a newer video showing the back office. Watch it here.

What is a Bitcoin?

Physical Bitcoin (not real)

A bitcoin is really just another form on money. It’s the money of the internet.

it’s a type of digital currency or cryptocurrency that is used worldwide. You can use it to be paid, to buy things and you can get cash from Bitcoin ATMs that are now showing up all over the world.

There are even people who bought a house and a luxury car with Bitcoins!

it’s the world’s first decentralized digital currency not controlled by any government or bank. You can send bitcoins to anyone in the world just from your phone.

It’s worth MORE THAN GOLD! It’s anonymous, impossible to inflate or counterfeit and is a perfect asset that grows in value.

How can you make money with Bitcoins?

There are many ways:

  1. You can buy low and sell high
    • This is what most people do with stocks and bonds
    • Bitcoins are also an asset that changes value over time
    • If there is demand, the price will go up
    • It’s the best strategy if you don’t want to invest your time in anything else, but you must believe that the price will go up
    • Past history is no guarantee of future value but if you bought it last year at $1,000 per bitcoin, you could sell it today for $7,000 – that’s 7x your money.
  2. You can trade it
    • There are many trading options
    • You can buy from one person and sell to another on your own
    • It’s risky if you don’t know the people you are trading with
    • Some people make 5% per trade doing this
    • There are many trading platforms that reduce that risk by asking for a small percentage of the trade
    • Personally, I’d find it risky but I suppose if you learn everything and know what you are doing, you lower the risk.
  3. You can lend it
    • Companies are giving you as much as 1% return per day on your investments
  4. You can mine it
    • You can buy your own mining equipment, but that is very costly
    • Companies will allow you to invest with them to share in the mining profits.
  5. You can trade it
    • You can start accepting bitcoins as payment for your products or services.
    • More and more companies are now accepting bitcoins as payment for products and services
    • You can buy a home or a luxury car now
  6. You can earn it
    • There are a number of companies out there that pay in bitcoins for referrals and you can make some good money promoting their product and services.

Personally, I am doing #3, #4 and #5 with a little bit of #1.

How can you learn more about Bitcoins?

First, setup your free account on Bitcoins Wealth Club. Just click here to signup.

Second, go through the training there.

Third start investing, lending, trading and earning from these companies:

  • Bitcoins Wealth Club – earn 10% on referrals with a free account and up-to 70% on a VIP account
  • USI-Tech – invest bitcoins and get up-to 1% return per day or promote their system and get 10% on purchases from direct referrals and 1% on all levels up to level 12 referrals!
  • Bitconnect – Invest bitcoins and get up to 1% return per day or promote their system and get 7% on purchases from direct referrals and .2 to 3% up to level 7 referrals!
  • BitClub Network – Invest in a bitcoin mining company that will reward you 50% to 100% of the mining profits (depending on investment from $500 to $2000) and each commissions on team building too.
  • iCoin PRO – Join the learning platform and get 3% commission on power line enrollies 5 levels deep, 2.5% on levels 1 to 12 from direct sponsored and up to 60% matching bonus!
  • Mindset 24 Global – Join the learning platform and get as much as 70% commission on sales in your team.

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