Dealing with strict people – GEMS Emeralds – MLM – Success Tips #112

Dealing with strict people

If you want to know about dealing with strict people, listen in. When I say strict, I just mean people who like things done according to the rules – people who like to be on time – people who are perfectionists and people who like to deal with charts and graphs and tables or numbers.

If you are like that, it’s not going to be hard for you but if you’re not, which 60-80% of people are not, then you will benefit from learning about dealing with strict people.

Dani Johnson GEMSdani

Last year, I attended an awesome event by Dani Johnson, called First Steps to Success in Los Angeles. This event is all about learning how to understand others so you can be a better person. One of the important modules was personality GEMS which discusses 4 personality types – Emeralds, Sapphires, Pearls and Rubies.


When we talk about dealing with strict people, we are talking about Emeralds. There are people who put above all order and predictability. They are people who think being on time is super important, they think following the rules are what everyone should do and they love statistics to make decisions.

They are the type of people who will respond to graphs, charts and spreadsheets…


  • Are always on time
  • Fill the dishwasher only one way and always the same wayemerald
  • They might even always put their shirts on same side of closet
  • Their clothes are very conservative, not too colorful
  • Ladies don’t put too much makeup on – just enough to look well “put together”
  • Not too much hair coloring either – if so, conservative colors
  • They make decisions after knowing all the facts
  • They love charts, graphs and statistics
  • They aren’t too comfortable around people who just want to have fun, they think they aren’t serious
  • They are usually serious about things

How do you recognize an Emerald?

You might be thinking it’s great to know this but you are probably thinking it’s not much use when you are talking to strangers.

What if I told you that you can recognize an Emerald just be looking at them and talking to them for a few moments? I still need to practice myself, but most emeralds shake hands without too much movement and a firm yet controlled hand shake. They dress in rather simple outfits, not too much colors or designer labels and women typically do not dress to be noticed.

Checkout the other posts of how this differs for Sapphires, Rubies and Perls.

How to use this new knowledge

When you are going out and about, and trying to grow your biz by talking to strangers, you will start noticing how people are dressed, how they walk, how they move and how they talk. As you get better at noticing, you’ll be able to tell who is an Emerald and this will allow you to adjust your mannerisms and what you say to be more respectful of what an Emerald values most.

By walking the walk and talking the talk of Emeralds, you will grow in their respect for you because they will feel honored that you are treating them the “right way” – their “right way”

Keep in mind, this is not about pretending – when dealing with strict people, – if you do that, they will see through you… you need to genuinely care about them!

Hope you got value – please share if you did.

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  1. Hey, thanks for your video! The study of personality types have been around for years. I remember doing a test when I was in my 20’s and I’m thinking…whoa! I’ve not heard of this before. I’ve mentioned Dani Johnson on my videos as well. I’ll send you a pm on this material. Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much Annette, I remember that too. My first exposure to personalities was Laurence Litower”s book Personality Puzzle. It was great.

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