Reaching Your Goal – Blog post #116

Reaching Your Goal

What does it take for you to be reaching your goal? If you’re like me and have been struggling for a while to reach a goal that others seem to have reached in no time, then you might be stuck for the same reasons as me.

My story

I started with this affiliate system over a year ago and it seemed so easy. All I needed to do was a few things and after a few months, I would reach a certain goal… well months went by and I was still nowhere closer to that goal.

Does that sound familiar? Look, I’m no expert and I still have lots to learn, but I started on this attraction marketing and personal branding journey with the expectation of some quick results and it just made me do things that you might be considering too.

Don’t make┬ámy mistakes

You see, what happened is that I stopped doing what I was doing and started doing something else because I thought my lack of success was caused by me not doing the right things… yes, even though my mentors were telling me to do this one thing because they had had success with it…

The problem is that others were talking about this other stuff that worked for them, so I started doing that… then a few months later, still no results and yet another mentor talking about yet another thing…

Consistency is key

Now, don’t get me wrong, all these things are all worth doing, it’s just that if you aren’t consistent, you won’t see the results.

The best advice I can give you is to find something that a mentor does that you can duplicate and do that thing until you have the success they have. It can be calling leads, it can be doing a presentation, it can be getting numbers, it can be creating a blog post, it can be reaching out to X new people online a day, but make sure it’s something a mentor tells you worked for them.

That’s what I did, but I stopped and then did something else… then I changed again…

My DMO was 1 blog post a day which meant a new video per day too and a few other actions to support that blog. I even started with 2 a day because I was that sure, this it was the number of blog posts that would give me results… well, I was wrong, it was and still is simply a level of personal development which I have not reached yet obviously, but at least I’ve realized my biggest mistake.

Getting partial results

That’s what happened to me, I did get results. I mean, I have tons of followers and a huge audience compared to someone who starts, but I didn’t stay consistent. Those partial results are great, and of course I can help you achieve them, but I can tell you what not to do too, which will SAVE you tons of wasted effort.

Just ask!

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