Dealing with competitive people – GEMS Rubies – MLM – Success Tips #115

Dealing with competitive people

This is the last of the series of 4 blog posts on personality GEMs I recorded these 4 videos on one of my many drives from PEI to Montreal, a 12 hour drive, one way! When dealing with competitive people, just remember that it’s in their blood to win.

I am a ruby

First, let me say that when I listen to that video, I find that I sound a little negative towards Rubies, but it’s ok because I am one and maybe that’s because as a Ruby, one thing that is a strong personality trait is to want to be perfect (which, of course, is impossible) which I think comes out in my expressions in the first part of the video while I talk about me.

What matters to them

As I so repeatedly say in the video, the Ruby is a competitive person. They have a desire to be number one, to be viewed as the best in what they do. They thrive on recognition and love to win at games.

How to help Rubies

The best way to help Rubies is to find something they can excel at, something they can be the best at. When trying to sell them your product or service or to have them join your opportunity, you want to make sure you mention how they can find out who the best is and how they can learn how to beat them (because they’ll want to beat them, they might even say so).

The Ruby Handshake

When you meet a Ruby and shake their hands, you will find that it’s one of those “strong” handshakes. Sometimes too strong, especially if you’re a Perl which is the opposite of a Ruby. They will shake in a way that guarantees you notice them, you notice their strength, their confidence. It’s all about being the best for them. They don’t see that other personality types are just as good as them, but in different ways, they only see their views and are quick to dismiss others.

Just like any other personality, that doesn’t make them bad, it just makes them different.

See the other posts on how that differs for SapphiresEmeralds or Perls.

How to recognize a RubyDealing with competitive people-fb

This is all great to know but if it’s important to address a Ruby the way they want to be addressed, how can you do that if you need to talk to them to figure out their personality?

Well this is when Dani Johnson’s personality GEMs differs from other programs. She explains how the different personalities dress, talk and move so you can identify them even before you talk to them! So, you can recognize a Ruby because:

  1. They wear stylish clothing, usually designer and more expensive. Most often Ironed nicely.
  2. Ladies will wear perfectly set makeup and will freshen up often.
  3. Men and women often wear expensive jewelry or watches.
  4. They like loud music with energy but also classics.
  5. They love to be in crowds. Especially if they can be noticed – they feel they are the best there.
  6. They will go to an event if they think they can learn from the best so they can become the best.
  7. They need to move, they don’t like to sit still as they feel a need to accomplish something always.
  8. Feel the law is a required control but don’t always feel it applies to them.
  9. Love being the center of attention.
  10. Are usually on time.

As mentioned in my posts for the other personalities, keep in mind this is not 100% accurate as not every Ruby is 100% Ruby anyway and everyone has a little bit of all 4 personalities.


When dealing with competitive people just remember that they are really most interested in being the best. In showing others what the best person can do and how it would benefit them to follow the “best”. They are natural leaders but are often overconfident and sometimes seen as arrogant.

If you’d like to learn more about this exciting topic, you can learn to talk with strangers and get your own copy of the Dani Jonhson’s GEM program.

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