Dealing with selfless people – GEMS Pearls – MLM – Success Tips #114

Dealing with Selfless people

Do you wonder how you should be dealing with selfless people. I mean those people that never seem to care about anything you can do to help them… they just care about helping others so nothing you tell them seems to matter to them.

What matters to them

These people are called Perls, as far as Dani Johnson’s GEMS is concerned. That’s a personality training you can get to understand the 4 different personalities.

The beauty of Perls is that they are full of love, devotion, generosity, selflessness, caring and consideration of others. When you see that as a quality, it becomes easy to appreciate them and that is always what the secret is to dealing with a personality that is different than yours.

Obviously, if you are a Perl, you would have no trouble at all dealing with them, so this is really for those who are not Perls.

How to help Perls

If you are building a home based business for the right reasons, you should always want to be helping anyone you talk to. Seriously, if you are in business to sell something or get someone to join your biz, it will not work for very long if it ever does.

Ok, back to helping Perls. The best thing you can do when dealing with selfless people, is to tell them what it is about your product, service or opportunity that will allow them to help others. That’s really all they care about… sure you could try to convince them that if they get rich, they’ll be able to donate more to charities they care about, but that usually isn’t an easy thing to convince them of, they will come to that conclusion on their own.

The Perl handshakeDealing with selfless people - GEMS Pearls - MLM - Success Tips #114-fb

You might be able to recognize a Perl just by their handshake. Typically, they are not very firm as they don’t want to hurt you. They also try to avoid eye contact as they do not want to give the impression they are better than you. Some would say they are flimsy handshake, wishy washy and undetermined.

See the other posts on how that differs for SapphiresEmeralds or Rubies.

How to recognize a Perl

I know that’s all great, but how do you know it’s a Perl you are talking to? Well, you could spend hours with them and finally figure it out, but there are a few things that will help you to pick up on that sooner. Other than that handshake, which you may not get right away, you might recognize them because of:

  1. Wear dark clothing, lots of black, not much colors
  2. Ladies do not have much makeup or jewlery on
  3. Men do not have expensive watches or fancy clothing
  4. They prefer soft music
  5. They don’t mind crowds, but don’t want to be a leader or speaker
  6. They will go to an event if they know it’s to help those in need, such as a charity fund raiser
  7. Are quite content sitting and relaxing without moving
  8. Appreciate the law when they see it as being for a greater good
  9. Hate to be the center of attention
  10. Are typically on time

As mentioned in my posts for the other personalities, keep in mind this is not 100% accurate as not every Perl is 100% Perl anyway and everyone has a little bit of all 4 personalities.


When dealing with selfless people just remember that they are really most interested in helping others. In making other people’s lives better, they do not usually consider their own situation or problems as long as it doesn’t affect how they can help others.

If you’d like to learn more about this exciting topic, you can learn to talk with strangers and get your own copy of the Dani Jonhson’s GEM program.

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