Top 3 Tips to Start Online Business – Post #120

Top 3 Tips to Start Online Business – Post #120

What are the top 3 tips to start online business? In this post and video I talk about the top 3 tips that will help you start your new online business or bring your business online. I get into much more details in the video, so make sure you watch that too. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss future videos.

Today, in an interview that I was featured in (check it out here), my friend Romualda asked me “What do you tell people who start online who aren’t technical. What do you tell them to do first?”

That gave me the idea for this video and this blog post. So here is goes

Tip #1: Know what you want and why you want it

That’s the first thing you need to make sure you know to start online business. I mean, if you don’t know what you want, I mean exactly what you want, it’s hard, if not impossible for someone else to help you.

You also need to know why – I bet you’ve never heard about that, eh? LOL – Yeah, everyone tells you to know your why – how your why needs to make you cry and all that, right? Just get as clear on that as you can.

Tip #2: Find someone you can relate to

The next thing you need to do when you start online business is to go out there and search on Facebook, YouTube, Google and other places for someone you like and trust. It’s pretty easy to find tons of people online who are there to help others. They have free videos, free blogs, free training, free PDFs and free phone calls 🙂

I’m no different but I know I may not be the person you relate to and that’s fine – I know not everyone will like me and I’m ok with that. Some will actually hate me and think I’m a scammer – isn’t that crazy? That just the nature of the internet.

Tip #3: Reach out to them

Finally, the last tip is to actually reach out to this person you find that you relate to. Seriously, send them a private message, send them an email, join their email list and reply to their emails… get in their face!

Just don’t get upset that they don’t reply or don’t accept your friend request on Facebook. I mean, I get tons of messages and on some social media platforms, I don’t reply to them…

Same goes for other entrepreneurs out there… that means if you are trying to connect with me to start online business, or with anyone else and you don’t get any replies, go to another social media platform and connect there too. Worst case, connect with someone else.

Hope this helps. I’d be so grateful if you shared this post with your friends that need to know how to start online business.


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