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Six Human Needs

Tony Robbins

I absolutely love Tony Robbins. His explanation of the six human needs is a great help to anyone struggling to understand others. He has grown from a motivational speaker to what we know him as today – a true Life Success Coach as he likes to be referred to as now. I’ve been listening to Tony for as long as I’ve had audio books. I have never read any of his book though, although I’m sure they are as amazing as his audio books.

What are these size human needs? Basically, Tony says that all humans have these six human needs. We all have 2 primary needs that drive us to do what we do, and the other 4 needs are not as strong in us. The six needs are certainty, uncertainty, significance, connection, growth and contribution. Here’s more about them.

Human need 1: Certainty

When you aren’t sure where to go

The need for certainty is something that means that you are a person that needs to know where everything is. You can’t make a decision without that. You’re the person who will make sure you know where the bathrooms are, where the exits are before you sit in a room. You will not buy something unless you checked the specs and know the price is right.

Human need 2: Uncertainty

Albert Einstein is significant

This is the opposite of need 1. You love to just do things without knowing everything first. You don’t care where the exits are because you feel that you’ll surely find them if you need to. You’ll buy something without knowing if it’s even the right thing because if gives you a thrill to not be sure.

Human need 3: Significance

This need which is 3rd in the six human needs is all about being seen. Having others notice you. It’s what makes terrorists kill and humanitarians save lives. It’s what makes you want a million bucks or have a big business that everyone knows about. You want to have something meaningful on your tombstone.

Human need 4: Connection

We all need connection and love

Everyone needs love and connection, but if this is your primary need, you want that above everything else. You don’t care where the exits are or not knowing where they are as long as someone is there with you. You love being around others and hate being alone. You think everyone needs a hug and you love to be part of a community.

Human need 5: Growth

Growth is what we all must do but if it’s your primary need, you are always learning something new. You love reading and asking others questions. There is never a stupid question and you will even ask a question that you know the answer to if you think someone else should ask the question but no one is. You love self help and personal development. You might even do years in university even after you’ve got your masters.

Human need 6: Contribution

This is the last of the six human needs. When all is said and done, you want others to think and say that you made a difference in their lives. Even better, in the lives of a community, a city, a state, a country or even the world. If you could do something that affected hundreds or thousands, it would be your dream come true.

How does this help you?

As stated about, we have 2 needs that are primary – they drive us. It means those needs are the reasons we do things, the reason we decide one thing over another. If you can discover what the 2 primary needs of someone else is, such as your spouse or your customer, you can more easily discover how you can help them.

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