5 Easy Steps to Grow your Business by Talking to Strangers – Success Tips #110

Grow your Business by Talking to Strangers

On a long drive (12 hours), I stopped by the St-Laurence river near Montmagny, Quebec, Canada to talk about this very important topic that I covered a little in this post.

Step 1: Go out there

Just be conscious of your surrounding. People will say they don’t know anyone. They’ll say they talked to everyone they know and that’s why they have to quit. What I’m saying is to get out there and notice that there are people everywhere.Grow your Business by Talking to Strangers

Give yourself a goal to “see” 2, 4, 5 or even 10 people a day, a week or a month… just give yourself a goal that you can stick to.

Step 2: Say hi to strangers

Next is to actually say hi, or just nod your head at them. You can do this after a week or a month of step #1, that’s up to you, just give yourself a goal of when you will go to step 2.

Again, count the number of people you say hi to and give yourself a goal.

Step 3: Give them a compliment

Once again, we take it a notch further. Now your job is to find a compliment to give them. Tell them you like their hat, their shoes, earrings, hair or anything non-sexual of course. If you’re not ready after step 2 to jump to this, you can do a step 2.5 where you’d go out and look for compliments you could make.

You can compliment them about their dress, their style, their walk, their talk… anything you like, but be genuine.Give them a compliment and then ask a question. Once again, you can split this in two steps too if you want, the secret is to give yourself a goal and to make progress.

Say things like “You look sharp! What do you do for work?” or “You seem like a positive happy person. You must love working here?” or “Love your necklace, where did you get it?”

Give yourself a goal of how many people you give compliments to every day.

Step 4: Converse with them (FORM them)

After you feel comfortable saying hi and complimenting strangers, it gets really interesting. Now you are ready to start conversations with them.

The easiest way to do this is to use the FORM method. Ask them about their Family, their Occupation, their Recreation and then give them a Message.

Note that the last part, giving them a Message, is really meant to be after step 5, I mean once you know their SIGN (see below).

Again, it’s very important to give yourself a goal.

Step 5: Find their SIGN

Finding their SIGN means to discover their Strengths, their Interests, their Goals and their Needs.

As you ask them questions, as you FORM them, by asking them about their Family, their Occupation, their Recreation and think about giving them a message, you should be listening to their answers to find their SIGN.

Once you know what their Goals, Needs, Strength and Interests are, you are ready to give them a message. This is usually what your company told you to tell all your friends and family, but by knowing their SIGN, you can tailor it to them.

Get their number

After you’ve gone through these 5 steps and given them a message, you are ready to ask for their number. As you practice this more, you’ll be able to get a 90% closure rate on getting a number when you ask just like was able to do.

Of course, getting their number if just the beginning, but it’s the foundation of success in a home based business.

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