Monetize Your Passion

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Find out how you can monetize your passion with online branding, online marketing and attraction marketing.

If you google those terms, you will be overwhelmed with all the free information you can find from dozens if not hundreds of online marketers. While I’m sure that many of them have great tips, I have put together a 12 easy steps guide from my own experience which I hope will help you get setup faster than I did.

My 33 page guide covers all sorts of things, for example:

  • On page 9, I discuss how to actually FIND YOUR passion.
  • On page 19, I explain how to setup your Facebook fan page and why it’s SO IMPORTANT.
  • On pages 20 to 23, I explain how you can setup your blog in JUST A FEW MINUTES!
  • Finally, on pages 27 to 30, I explain in detail how to setup your lead capture pages and how to create your first FUNNEL.

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