Be Persistent – Wealth – Success Tips #46

Be persistent in life

In life you should be persistent with things you want or goals you are trying to achieve. I’m sure you’ve heard the sayings be persistent and be consistent, those two things make a world of difference with everything from your workout results to your children’s reactions when you tell them they won’t get ice cream if they don’t behave.

Gary Coxe in Toronto

Last year, I saw in person at my company’s event a speaker by the name gary-on-stage-min Be Persistentof Gary Coxe. He’s a Business & Life Strategist and speaks at many large events regularly. He talked about how he persisted to contact our company’s head-office and founders over and over until they finally agreed to hire him for a speaking engagement. He was sharing the stage with such greats as Darren Hardy, the founder of Success Magazine and Donald Trump, the owner of Trump Organization and the business magnate who is currently running for US president and is reportedly worth $4 Billion! Two great men to be in company with for sure.

What happened after?

He was great and after the event I found him on Facebook and followed him. When I started to brand myself, I shared some of his Facebook posts and he messaged me to thank me. I was supper proud of him reaching out to me and was very happy about it of course. One of the things I want to do on my blog is also to have success interviews at some point and when I asked him if he ever would have time to do one, he got his assistant to reply to me which is certainly fine, I totally understand how busy he is.

The challenge

Since he was so persistent to get to speak to our company’s event, it makes me feel OK to be persistent with him. So, Gary, I will get you to an interview for my blog by August 1st 2016. If it means going all the way to Florida to meet you, I will do it. What I want is a simple interview about your success story, what is success to you and tips you have for any of my readers.

Please post comments below if you want me to be persistent and get Gary to agree to an interview with Success With JS!

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