Delayed Gratification – Parenting – Success Tips #24

What is Delayed Gratification?

I was talking to my wife tonight and she told me about a amazing story today about parenting and I felt so proud of her moment. Delayed gratification is when you don’t give in or reward until after a certain time. For adults, it might mean not buying the new car you want right now on credit, but instead saving up for 3-5 years and them buying it cash.

Delayed gratification might mean going on vacation only with saved up money instead of paying on credit. It might also mean going out for super at the fancy restaurant only after getting 90% on your exam.

Back to my wife

She was telling me how Savannah was acting all fussy when they went to Sports play group and she didn’t want to play with the other kids. She’s 3 years old, so it’s not always easy to handle that and my wife handled it wonderfully. She took her out of the situation, outside in the hallway alone with her, got down at her level to ask her why she didn’t want to play. Savannah just said “I don’t want to” so she told her they’d have to go home then which she didn’t want to either… so what to do?

Savannah noticed a stairwell (she like going to see what’s up the stairs everywhere) and asked what was up there, so my wife told her if she played good she would take her up there¬†after. She used delayer gratification perfectly.

It worked wonders

Delayed Gratification
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Savannah played like a great kid, even got a few baskets in (they were learning basketball) and after, while my wife was putting on Savannah’s boots, Savannah asked to go up the stairs. She did amazing and I can’t say enough how much of a great mother she is.

Do you use delayed gratification in your life? with your kids? Tell me about it, I’d like to hear your stories and get to know you better.

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