Do The Bounce and Shake – Health – Success Tips #77

Do the Bounce and Shake

If you do the bounce and shake, it will clear toxins and helps the lymphatic system Do The Bounce and Shakewhich will affect your health and happiness. Now, who wouldn’t want that? I must admit that I am guilty of hearing about this often and not doing it but I blame that on the fact I do other exercises.

I heard this from an audio recording of a Coast to Coast radio station show where John Gray talked about the over medicating of america. which is mostly covered in his book but he also now has a great product as well.

Clears toxins

In any case, he explains that to do the bounce and shake, you basically just stand with both feet on the ground and gently shake up and down, all without your feet leaving the ground. You do this for about 20 minutes a day and it helps the lymphatic system and clears toxins from your body.

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