Dream Big – Wealth – Success Tips #44

Do you dream big?

Every time I pass by this Porsche dealership in Montreal, it reminds me how I’ve been told I dream big and porsche montreal Dream Bigthat owning a Porsche isn’t such a great thing. I know it costs a lot to replace the tires or that you can’t really drive it fast or you don’t want to have it in winter here in Canada, but I do dream big, what about you?

Last time I was on way back to my place I finally decided to stop and just take this short video about how you should dream big and go after what you want. Don’t let anyone steal your dreams!

Things aren’t the thing

I do realize that having things in life isn’t that important and as I mentionCarrera 4 Coupe - Red _2_ Dream Big all the time, success is different for everyone, but my point is that you need to dream big and go after something others are telling you that you can’t have or that it’s not worth it… I mean, anyone who tells me a Porsche isn’t worth it doesn’t own one and most likely can’t afford it anyway, so why would I listen to them?

So, it’s not about getting those things, it’s about the person you become while working towards that goal of realizing your dream. I know I’m becoming someone different as I progress in my journey in helping other reach their dreams and goals.

I’d so love for you to reach out to me and tell me your dreams and let me help you attain them. Comment below and lets start a conversation to get to know each other better.

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