Be Yourself – Wealth – Success Tips #1

Be yourself, my mother would say

I’ve heard this many times, be yourself my mother would say, and I”m sure you have too if you’ve done even a tiny bit of personal development but it’s probably something that is very hard for many people. I know that for me, everything is easy in my head and then when I actually go and do it, I feel like I’m doing terrible.

Like these videos I’m doing for this blog, I must have tried to do the welcome one 20 times and the Happy New Year one 10 times. Each time there was a word that came out wrong, a facial expression I didn’t like, a pause that was too long. In the end, the chosen take was probably not much better than all the others except for the fact I didn’t fumble too much with my words 🙂

I decided to just be myself

I guess it got easier when I finally thought, who cares if it’s perfect, just be yourself and don’t worry so much. I know many other video bloggers that have posted on this subject will tell you the same thing – just do it – be yourself and be persistent & consistent and before long you won’t even worry any more.

I knew that was true and I even thought it would be easy for me, but nope, I had as much trouble as all of the other video bloggers I heard talk about their first video blog.

My 3rd blog in 1 take!

Well, this is my third video blog and I did it in 1 take! Woohoo! If you are interested in branding yourself as well, you will need to do this too. There is lots of money in branding and internet marketing if you do it right and the best way to do it right is to get the right training. Find out more on my products page with the best branding training in the industry with MLSP.


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