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Get Their Numberget-their-number-mlm-success-tips

A scary thing for many MLMers is how to get their number when we talk to strangers. In this video and post, I give you easy to use tips on how to do that 90-95% of the time! You will learn how easy it is when you master the basic skills of FORMing and finding their SIGN.

First things first

If you want to get their number, you will need to learn these skills first. I know it may feel like it’s frustrating to have to learn all this, but trust me, it won’t take that long if you give yourself a goal of ding it every day. I have other blog pages and videos on these:

  1. Get out there and talk to strangers.
  2. When you talk to them make sure you FORM them
  3. When you form them, make sure you find their SIGN.

So, you’ve mastered these 3 other skills, now you can get their number easily. What’s next? I’ll post new videos and blogs on how to get the appointment, do the presentation and get them to an event later.

For now, here’s how to get their number. Remember that when you are forming them, you are controlling the conversation by being the one who is asking questions, by being interested in them and what they have to say. By being interested in them, you will automatically find their SIGN and you will be able to customize the message to them.

Message for them

This is why it becomes easy to get numbers of perfect strangers. If you want more training like this, Dani Johnson has a fantastic product called Prospecting and Closing Script Book which gives exact examples on paper and in audio form of how to do this. She is much better than me as it too.

I’d love to hear how this helped you and if you have any questions. Please post comments below.

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