Have Fun – Health – Success Tips #64

Have fun, your fun

have-fun-savannah dancing with papa
Savannah Dancing with Papa

No matter what it is for you, have fun, have the fun you like having and remember to do it often – as often as your life permits. Sure, sometimes that might be just once a year, but that’s ok if it’s something expensive like walking on a Caribbean beach or going out dancing and you have two babies with no babysitter, which is out case.Of course you should try to find a fun activity you both like that you can do more often than once a year!

Of course, it’s important to also find fun activities you might like to do that your spouse doesn’t and also that you may do with your kids. Relationship expect John Gray talks about having time away as one of the 10 secrets to keeping the passion alive, so it must be a good thing to do that too.

This is a health tip just as much as it is a relationship tip because you need to have fun to be happy and healthy.

What is fun for us?

My wife Mindy and I both love to dance and we used to go out almost every weekend before the kids, so when we get a chance, we love it. We love the whole social aspect of going somewhere and being around others who love it to. We especially like it when we see another couple who is clearly there loving to dance as we know that many who go out aren’t going out to dance, but that’s okay because we are there to dance.

What kind of fun do you enjoy? What makes you happy and feel like you wish you could do it more often? Post a comment and let me know, I’d love to get to know you.

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