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Real Estate Investing with Steve Martel

Real Estate InvestingA friend was asking me about investment tips. Although I’m not an expert and do notReal Estate Investing with Steve Martel even invest in real estate, I did dabble in it for a while about 5 years ago. My wife and I went to Steve Martel‘s 3 Day Quest in Halifax, NS in April 2012 and we learned a lot which is why I mention him in my video. Not sure if he does all the same stuff now, but at the time, his free training was about investing in the US for Canadians. He taught about the web sites to to do real estate research such as sold data, taxes, growth as well as for sale properties. He also explains well the legal issues with owning property and renting it out as a Canadian citizen.

His web site currently states that he invested $27,000,000 in US properties in the last 24 months, so that’s pretty amazing and means he knows what he’s talking about.

You have no money?

One thing my friend said is that he isn’t investing because he has no money to invest and although I agree this is a problem to solve, I must say that one thing I learned is that it is quite true that you can invest with ZERO money and it’s not the way most people think it should be or the way most people “loose their shirt”! How, you ask? It about the fact that investors give their money to anyone they think will make them a profit. How does that help you? Think about it… what if you found a great property to buy, you did all the research (could take you 1-3 months) and prepared a report detailing how an investor would get their money back… wouldn’t any smart investor want to invest with you on that?

Rent to own with Dave Dubeau

My drawing in video Real Estate InvestingThe other investor I’ve followed on real estate investing is Dave Dubeau who hosts a site called with free videos on rent-to-own investing. I have never met Dave in person but I’ve seen many of his webinars and read his investing guide for Canadians.

Both are good places to start if you are interested in finding out about real estate investing.

My tip to you though if you are interested in real estate investing, I would say you need to learn as much as you can. I’ve also listened to many audios from one of Robert Kiyosaki’s advisers, Ken McElroy such as The ABCs of Real Estate Investing or The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing which are full of good tips and if you have never read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, that is a great start too.

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