Select Company Carefully – MLM – Success Tips #35

Select Company Carefully

If you are looking to get involved in a Network Marketing (or a Multi-Level Marketing MLM) company, it is so important to take the time and select company carefully. There are so many companies out there and looking them up on google or searching for “best MLM” or “top network marketing companies” will just give you a head ache.

Although doing those searches online is not a totally bad idea, it helps to know what questions to ask and here’s what Eric Worre, author of the best Network Marketing book, Go Pro 7 Steps to becoming a network marketing professional, mentor to hundreds or thousands of active network marketers from hundred of different network marketing companies and creator of GoPro network community outlines them like this in his Rise of the Entrepreneur movie.

What to consider when choosing a company

  1. The Product or Service
    • Do you like it?
    • Is there a need in the market?
    • Does the product or service meet that need?
    • Is it priced to sell?
    • Is it priced for profit?
  2. The Company
    • Is it well run?
    • Do you believe in management?
    • Do you believe in their integrity?
    • Has it proved it’s longevity?
  3. The Compensation Plan
    • Can you generate income quickly?
    • Can you develop moderate part-time income in reasonable time?
    • Is there possibility for serious full-time income?
  4. The Support
    • Does company have a good web site?
    • Do they have a solid online reporting tool?
    • Do they have comprehensive training?
    • Do they host events to help you build your business?

Once you’ve found your company

If all four of these areas are what you are looking for, then you should probably ask the person who introduced you to that opportunity for more information or how to get started. Remember that no matter what company you choose to get involved in, it’s all about making a decision to get started and just following proven steps to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

If you’d like to work with me, I can certainly discuss with you the company I am involved in and we can see if this is a fit for you.

Please share this page if you found value from it. I am always super interested in hearing about your success, post below so we can get to know each other.




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