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Spend Quality Time

What does it mean to spend quality time? It may be obvious to some but surprisingly (to those it’s obvious to) it is not obvious to everyone.It’s all about the other person. Giving them your full attention for a certain amount of time. There is no cell phone, texting, Facebook, twitter, YouTube or email checking during this time.

It can be just 20 minutes a day you sit on the sofa and just ask your spouse how their day went. Of course this is most valuable if it’s their love language. If you look up the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, this is one of the 5 love languages and what that basically means is just that your spouse feels loved when you do this for them.

What else can you do?

You can also spend quality time by doing activities that your spouse loves. It can be playing tennis, going out for walks, jogging or drives. You can certainly combine this with eating out and date nights. The secret is the focus and leaving the phone alone!

Another important thing is to put your kids second, after theirspend-quality-time-relationships-success-tips mother when you
come home from work. That scores big points if you can do hat.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should spend quality time with your spouse on a regular basis and John Gray says every day is best but it’s even more important when it’s your spouse’s love language. How do you know? Well, it’s not easy to be 100% sure, but if you try this for a week and you see your spouse seems happier and then you stop and he/she gets miserable, then chances are that’s an important love language for them.

What do you do to spend quality time with your spouse? Comment below and let us start a conversation.

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