Teach to Exercise – Parenting – Success Tips #94

Teach to Exercise

How do you teach to exercise? It’s quite easy as you might know, just do it and let them see you do it. Kids naturally want to do what we do. It would be nice to think that we could teach to exercise by telling them or making them take some sports activities but unless they are highly motivated by sports or their piers as they get older, chances are they will not exercise unless you do.

Do you have to?

So you really have to exercise to teach to exercise?teach-to-exercise-parenting-success-tips-doing-calves┬áMy wife is in great shape – no strike that! – she is in amazing shape! – and many would think she doesn’t need to exercise (including myself) but she really enjoys it and makes her feel great. If you are into exercising, you already know how your mental capacity, your resistance to sickness and your energy levels are greatly improved when you regularly exercise. So, you do you have to exercise for them to learn to exercise? My feeling on it is that it’s not a requirement, but just like any other thing you want to teach your kids, if you do it and don’t try to force them to do it, they will just naturally want to do it.

I could do better

As for me, I exercise on and off, I should definitely do better but it’s the same for me, if I were to exercise as regularly as my wife, it would enhance even more the desire in our girls to want to exercise.

How about you? Are you struggling to exercise? If so, thinking about the fact that you would teach to exercise by doing it yourself may help to motivate you.

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