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Use Best Tools for Online Branding

If you are interested in online branding, you need to use the best tools for online branding. Trying to figure it out yourself is certainly an option as you can find a ton of options out there by simply googling it or searching on Youtube but all my mentors have told me that the secret to success is finding the best tools and using them.

So what are best tools?

What’s the best tool for the job? Depends on the job, right?

Well, obviously, it’s a personal opinion here, but I think the best tools need to:

  1. Provide an easy to navigate solution
  2. Provide a complete end-to-end solution
  3. Provide best-in-class training
  4. Have social proof
  5. Be used by others who have the success you want

In the case of online branding, you should be looking for something that includes:

  1. Blogging platform including industry plugins and managed back-end.
  2. Products you can sell and make a profit on with a built-in store front.
  3. Lead generation and management.
  4. Customer Relationship Manager to do effective follow-ups.
  5. Email Auto-res-ponder with pre-written, ready to use campaigns.
  6. Ability to integrate with external tools for advanced users.
  7. Sales funnel creation and tracking with ability to customize a funnel to provide multiple views.
  8. Link shorten-er so you don’t have to post long links in twitter and track clicks.
  9. Audio, video and image hosting.
  10. Training on tools and strategies so you aren’t alone
  11. Ability to promote your primary business in the back end.
  12. Link & traffic tracking so you know what is generating leads and making you money.
  13. Integration with your own domain name so you can truly brand yourself.
  14. Great community to seek help, advice and support with social proof.

What am I using?

After looking for a long time (probably 40 hours of searching and watching videos on Youtube), I was captivated by what My Lead System PRO can give me and I decided to take the 10 day free trial (they will refund you 100% if you aren’t satisfied).

I never looked back and today am really starting to see some traction with 1.2 MILLION twitter impressions per month and growing, 20+ leads per month and hundreds of visitors to my blog.

Here’s my Online Branding Series video playlist based on my Free Monetizing your passion guide:

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  1. Good post, Jean-Serge! I know all your opinions about online branding are right. They are proven effective and are sure to bring great results. Thank you for sharing.

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