Practice every day – Wealth – Success Tips #10

I was over at my fathers over the Holidays and I was reminded that we should practice every day whatever we want to get better at. You see, he plays the piano, he has been playing it since he was a teenager and has been playing it every day for 1-2 hours.

If you have a skill you want to improve, you should practice every day and not just a few times a week. You can get better with practice a few times a week of course, but if you want to master it, practice every day.

It’s actually better to practice 15 minutes a day than 1 hour three times a week, even though 15 minutes of practice every day would only be 1 3/4 hours a week versus 3 hours. The reason is just how our brain works. If you make something a habit (by practicing every day), your brain and subconscious mind will continue to “practice” the rest of the days.

practice every day
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It’s the same as exercising your muscles. Practicing a new skill exercises your brain.

Food for thought.

I’d love to hear your stories on what you practice every day, so comment below and don’t forget to share with your friends if you liked this tip.

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