Just do it – Wealth – Success Tips #8

If you ever have an idea that you think is good, you can go around and ask everyone what they think or just do it!

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? or the 90/10 rule? or the 98/2% rule? Those rules all say pretty much the same, that 80%(90% or 98%) of the money comes from 20%(10% or 2%) of the work or that 98(80/90)% of your success will come from 2(10/20)% of your efforts.

What that means is that if you ask people about your idea, expect that the vast majority will tell you to not do it. Remember, if you think it makes sense then someone else will, it may not be easy to find those that do but if you just do it, and stick to it, you’ll find success.

Good luck, but just do it! 🙂

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