3 Best Tips on How to Stay Motivated – MLM – Success Tips #105

How to Stay Motivated

If you’re like me, it’s not always easy to stay motivated to build your MLM. How to stay motivated when you are constantly being told by others that you got scammed and you will loose all your money? They tell you that they thought you were smarter than that and they would never ever EVER do anything like that themselves!how-to-stay-motivated-success-tips

It’s funny, just the other day, I presented my biz op to a good friend and I was totally surprised at his reaction! He said he “researched it” and he knew it was a “pyramid scheme” . We are still having great fun talking about it and other things but when I asked him why he thought I could possibly be involved in some illegal pyramid for over 3 years, he said he didn’t understand because he did think I seemed smart – he’s not sure anymore lol 🙂 He also said only 2 things could come of him and I continuing to talk about it – either I’d decide to join his pyramid scheme (he says he’ll start his own) or that I’ll quit my MLM.

Rest assured, I will NOT quit my MLM!

So this story gave me motivation for this blog post. How to stay motivated when you have this negativity around you? Here are my 3 best tips:

Tip #1: Make a Decision

Making a decision is probably the easiest thing to do, sticking to it is not so easy. But it’s simple to do. I made the decision to stick to it until I made it. I’ve had some successes over the years, a few $500-$1000 checks, built a team of over 50 people and personally sponsored 6 people in one day! I’m still not a 6 figure earner, but well on my way. If I had not made the decision to “stick to it”, I would have quit a long time ago.

There’s something liberating about making the decision…. you no longer have to worry about if you are doing the right thing, if your friends are right or if you will succeed… when you make the decision to just “do it”, it makes each day easier and each decision to do certain things easier too.

I invite you to make the decision to “just do it” for 1 year, 3 years, 10 years!

Tip #2: Remember you’re a 2 percenter

I learned this term from Dani Johnson – she talks about the 2%ers and the 98%ers – we are either one of the other – and the 2%ers are the people who make decisions in life that most people do not. They are also the people who take risks, they are those who make more mistakes and have more successes…

Remember, you can’t succeed without making mistakes… but that’s not the point… if you chose to join an MLM, then you are definitely a 2%er – you will go far in life.

Tip #3: Strengthen your belief

One of the most important things to have is belief that what you are doing is right. You need to believe in your MLM, in your product, in your service, in your company, in your mentors…

If you have not yet been to your company’s convention, you really need to go to grow in your belief. It is one thing to believe that your MLM is great and to have done the research online and gotten some friends and family to be your customers, but it’s quite another to be surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of people who have that same conviction.

Our company has conventions 4 times a year with 15,000 to 20,000 attendees… imagine being around that kind of energy!

Watch the video for more insight into this super important topic.

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  1. Great article JS! For the record, I used the term “pyramid scheme” not “ponzi scheme” 🙂

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