Be Grateful – Health – Success Tips #37

Be Grateful

Sometimes, it’s not easy to be grateful, it’s easier to complain and see the bad in our life, in others and our-self. I was downtown in Crescent st in Montreal and it was cold, I had walked 6 blocks to get to the restaurant I was getting to – it was super cold, -15 Celsius (or 5 Fahrenheit) and I was feeling like complaining about the cold cold Canadian weather.

But, I decided to be grateful instead and realize it wasn’t much colder as it gets in the middle of winter or that it wasn’t too windy which makes it so much worse and of course, I am able to walk and breath in this cold temperature.

Let me know what you are grateful for, let me know what you were going to complain about but decided to be positive instead, I’d love to hear about your successes. Please comment below.

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