Be proud of yourself – Wealth – Success Tips #13

My mother always told me: “be proud of yourself”

When I was a boy, anytime I did almost anything, I remember my mother telling me how good she thought I did and that she was always proud of me.

I think you should be proud of yourself because I am proud of you for looking to better yourself and finding this page. It shows me that you have the intelligence to seek out ways to better yourself. I hope you are proud of yourself as much as I am of you.

I am proud of you

I know it’s hard to understand why a total stranger would be proud of you, but you need to understand, I was once there, looking, searching even though my mother always told me she was proud and told me “be proud of yourself”, I always wanted to learn more.

One of my big goals today is to help others find the success they want, so tell me the success you are looking for. What does success mean to you? Be proud of yourself!

be proud of yourself
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