Never give up on your dreams – Wealth – Success Tips #12

The Harley in the porch

While having a New Year’s supper at my brothers’ I saw his Harley Davidson motorcycle in the front porch and I asked him about it. He said “never give up on your dreams”!

My brother’s story

He told me he had gotten it about a year ago and he had always wanted one. He said never give up on your dreams, so it made me think of this topic.

When I think of never give up on your dreams, it’s something that keeps me going because I’ve always wanted to have success and that means to me helping others find that success too – I will be happiest by the number of people I help – one of my dreams is that people will say “he’s the guy that helped me reach my success goal X”.

Back to my brother – he had a few motorcycles growing up but never got his Harley! He couldn’t afford it but by persevering and by repeating to himself  “never give up on your dreams”, he finally got one and restored it.

I am so proud of him for accomplishing this for himself.

Reach your dreams

If you want to reach your dreams, just keep telling yourself to never give up on your dreams, I know it seems simple, but there are lots of dream stealers out there and I know you can reach your dreams if you put a plan in place and follow it… a dream can be turned into a goal (a desire with a date to get it), any goal can be turned into a plan (steps to accomplish goal) and if you follow your plan with action, you will reach your goal, so get your dream.

never give up on your dreams
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Let me know what your dreams are by commenting below, I’d love to hear them.

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