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What is BooManager you may ask? It’s the newest and best Snapchat user management site! You can find thousands of friends (12000+ as of this writing) and there are 50 new users added each day! You can also be found and manage your Snapchat friends beautifully.boomanager-fb

Adding Snapchat Friends

When you first visit, you will see a ton of snapcodes which you can simply scan with your phone (use your Snapchat app and take a picture of the snapcode to add that user as a friend). You can just scroll through the endless lists of users and add as many as you want. When you go to the search page, you can see there are a bunch of filters to use such as category, spoken language, location and age range to name just a few.

Synchronize your friends

Imagine adding 100 or more friends a day! You can do that easily with BooManager. But how will you know which ones you’ve already added?

Well BooManager makes that easy… As you go through and add new Snapchat friends, you can mark them as friend in BooManager which will allow you later to know you already added them. There is even a quick filter to say “show me only the users that aren’t my friends yet”. You will also find that some of those users are already your friends, but what about friends in your phone that aren’t in BooManager? After all there are 300,000,000 users on Snapchat and BooManager only has 12,000! Well, you can add those friends to BooManager so that others can benefit from adding them too. Just enter their snapcode in the search box on the search page and then click the little + sign when you see it to add them.

Give them High Fives

A neat little feature is that you can give other users a high five if you like their story, their profile or just because you hope they’ll return the favor as the more high fives you give and the more you receive, the higher your score will be (see the FAQ page on explanation of the score). As more and more people setup profiles on BooManager, this will be even more advantageous to use.

Search based on Age, Location, Language and categories

One great feature of BooManager is how you can filter users you want to add based not only on category but also on the user’s location, their age range and their spoken language. We all know social media is big in the US and in English, but there are a lot of people out there who post to their stories in other languages and I always thought it would be great if I could filter out languages I can’t understand and now you can!

Tag friends

By far my favorite feature of BooManager is how you can use tags to mark friends and easily group them together. You can use these tags to organize them or to simply identify something about them that is common. A tag is simply a text string with a color. After you’ve created a tag and assigned it to a user, you can assign that same tag to someone else and when you browse or search, you will see these tags right on the search results page. A very cool and visual way of identifying quickly some details about your friends.

Add Notes

Another very awesome feature is the abiltity to add notes to your Snapchat friends. these notes can be anything you can imagine, something to jog your memory when you look at your friend in BooManager. I use it record some of the details that I see in theirs stories or that we message or snap each other, like if they have kids or where they work etc… You can use it any way you like.

Record your conversations

Probably the more anticipated and most important feature so far is to be able to record, or rather register, your conversations. If you’re like me and chat with close to 100 people daily with 5000 friends, you may often wonder who you had a really good conversation with but have not follow-ed up in a few weeks… How would you ever be able to find who those friends are in your snapchat chat list?

I know I couldn’t scroll far down enough to find them… with conversations in BooManager, you’ll be able to create a filter like “show me all the friends I had a conversation with at least 10 items that I have not chatted with for at least 30 days”… imagine getting that list? How much more efficient could you be on Snapchat?

Your public profile URL

You even get a public profile URL on BooManager, it’s simply{yoursnapchatusername}, like mine is

I hope you enjoyed this post about the newest and (I think) best Snapchat management tool out there. Tell all your friends about it and let’s make it the best Snapchat tool for everyone!

P.S. In case you didn’t realize, I’m the creator of, so some information here may be biased.

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