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Family Work Balance

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Everyone loves an ice cream, right?

How do you get family work balance? Specifically for those who are doing online branding, attraction marketing, social media marketing, personal branding or have a home based business? I’m no expert of course, but I can tell you what I do…

I will do that by giving you the top 5 tips of what I do to try to best balance my family and work life. Of course, there is work, as in a 9-5 job, every day… but that is not the topic here as I find a “job” is already under someone else’s control and we are very accustomed to dealing with that.

It may apply if you have the type of job that requires constant overtime, but this blog post will be about “other” work – more of the entrepreneurial type as outlined above.

Tip #5 – Give schedule

By giving a schedule, you are preparing them for what to expect. It helps them to understand when you will be busy and when you will be spending time with them. Coming up with a schedule isn’t the easiest thing and you may feel like you need to spend more time, but remember what you are doing it for… what would be the point if you worked too much and they didn’t stick around for your success in the end? Finding family work balance is all about knowing what to expect.

Tip #4 – Stick to schedule

Giving a schedule isn’t enough… you have to stick to it… for example, if you say it will take you 1 hour to do X and in an hour you aren’t done, then stop and continue next time… in some cases, you may be able to complete it right away, but go discuss that first – don’t assume because you will not have family work balance if you don’t consider your family – see next tip.

Tip #3 – Consider them

Any time you decide on a schedule or you feel you need more time – remember who you are doing it for and consider how they feel and what they need from you. It is easier too when you remember that you must keep family work balance by thinking about them and why you are doing this. I mean, for me, I’m doing all this online branding, attraction markeing and social media content for them – I’m doing it to be able to spend time with them…

Tip #2 – Include them

Family Work Balance - Family going to train
Heading to go for a train ride (subway in Montreal)

Given I’m doing all this for them, it makes sense to include them. If you have a home based business and they are too young to come with you to meetings or presentations, then find a way to include them… do videos with them… have them draw pictures of your products or your trips… have them do chores that relate to your work… there are a number of ways you can include them.

Tip #1 – Use Snapchat

My final and most personal tip is to use Snapchat as your social media platform. The cool thing about that social media platform is that it’s really almost 100% geared towards building your personal brand.

You might think this is silly since all social media platforms allows for inclusion and personal branding but the big difference with Snapchat is that it is ONLY meant for ephemeral posts – i.e. everything you post goes away after 24 hours. This forces you to continually produce content every day and it causes a great deal of addiction in your followers… once someone likes you and follows you, they are much more likely to continue to do so… building a following on Snapchat is key to family work balance, especially if you are doing personal branding… and, let’s be serious, if you have a home based business, such as a network marketing business, personal branding is now becoming a must to have great success.

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