Change Light-Bulb Right Away – Relationships – Success Tips #32

Change Light-Bulb

lightbulb Change Light-Bulb Right AwayAnother great tip I heard from John Gray in his audio book 10 secrets to keeping the passion alive, that when your wife asks you to change light-bulb, she would really love it if you did it right away. Of course, she would love it if you did anything she asked right away, but the point is that she absolutely loves when you do things she asks right away. Us guys, we don’t really understand because we think it’s an easy thing she could do herself.

Guys, the reason she asks is because it makes her feel loved when you act on a request she asks and her feeling is that it’s so easy to do, you would obviously do it right away. What’s worse is that when you don’t do it right away, it makes her feel like you don’t care. She actually hates to ask you stuff, so when she does, she feels important and cared for when you do it right away.

Women, help me here and comment below if you agree (or totally disagree) with this feeling.

Take a note of it

If you can’t do it right away, the next best thing is to write it down on a little to-do list. That way, Change Light-Bulb Right Away note bookshe feels like you at least care enough to write it down so you don’t forget. This is because she has had the
experience of repeating to you what she asked before more than once and that makes her think you forget (let’s be honest, we do forget, we are busy, right?) which makes her feel like you don’t care. Writing down to change light-bulb will minimize that feeling, but you still have to do it soon.

Hope you enjoyed this little relationship tip. Please comment below your feelings and comments and don’t forget to share.

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