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Get Some Business Cards Right Away

When you start a business you really should businesscards Get Some Business Cardsget business cards right away. How often has it happened to you that you were talking to someone with a business about their business and they didn’t have any cards with them? It’s happened to me a few times and believe me, I never remembered them to get back to them later.

Ordering online

If you’re going to be out and about, you need to be able to hand a business card to people when they ask and you will most likely have the question “what do you do” pretty soon after you start, so you need to get them right away. If you are in Canada, you can get some business cards online at Vista Print or at Staples as well as many other places I’m sure, but I’ve used both those services with good results.

Doing them yourself

If you want to do them yourself, if you need some while mybusiness card Get Some Business Cardsyou wait or if you’re like me and just want to try out a design, you can use any Word Processor and create them yourself. I’ve used Microsoft Word before but the last ones I did with OpenOffice Writer which is free to download and use and then I installed the Business Card Template. You just need to create the style you want in one of the card areas and copy it to the other 9 after. It took me about 30 minutes to do this business card layout and I was able to print 100 of them myself. It will allow me to test out the look and see if I like it as well.

My Christmas Card

I was also showing off my Christmas card that I sent out this year and here’s a closer view of my beautiful family. As I said in my video, I am very proud of my family, my 4 daughters and I love to do these Christmas cards every year. I have done them for the last 5 years and perhaps someday, I will let you see the other previous cards (just ask nicely in comments below 😉 )

 xmascard2016-front Get Some Business Cards        xmascard2016-inside Get Some Business Cardsxmascard2016-back Get Some Business Cards

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