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Create Family Time

We all live a very busy life and it’s important to create family time even if you feel like you don’t have time. Remember that your family is more important that any job or business you may be working.

Create Family Time Success tips
Time to pose on our walk that day.

For most everyone, and certainly for me, the primary reason I do what I do is so I can get more time to spend with my family, so it seems crazy to neglect that which I find myself doing sometimes. Any leader will tell you that if you work too much and don’t spend time with your family and create family time while you are building your business, they will not be around to enjoy your free time when you get there.

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to be focused, consistent and persistent in your business but instead of neglecting your family, try to schedule your business tasks so you have dedicated family time.

As part of a healthy family relationship you should incorporate all these events in your life: date night (once a week), romantic getaway (once a month), family day (once a week), rest day (once a week – can be same as family day) as well as playing time at their level.

Some ideas

Of course, to create family time, you need to do what you like but you may also need to do things that other members in your family like to do that you don’t prefer. If you’re lucky like me, your wife and kids will love to do what you love to do. If not, ask them what they’d like to do and take turns doing each other’s “fun” activities. Going out for drives, shopping or walks are easy ones. If weather permits in your area, you could go spend an afternoon or morning sun-bathing or swimming. You could go hiking or cycling. You could go to the gym and workout together or enjoy jogging.

There’s plenty of other sports too, like tennis, Frisbee, kicking a soccer ball around, doing some baskets or joining a team together. In a more private setting, you could play cards or social games such as Monopoly, Operation, Sorry or Clue to name just a few.

Hopefully, this gave you ideas and you will make family time a priority in your busy schedule. No matter what you do, make sure you enjoy it as a family, even if not everyone loves it, you will all love how you grow closer together.

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