Do The Presentation – MLM – Success Tips #90

Do The Presentation

Most of you probably do not like to do the presentation and even if I thought I’d be good and presented to 100 people with zero interest, I stopped liking to do the presentation too!

For great tips, look up Eric Worre, Dani Johnson, Cesar Rodriguez or Tanya Alyza. They all have amazing free resources to help you will all your home based business skills including to do the presentation.

What I learned

I’m not perfect and still need to work on the step to do the presentation but I learned a lot when I went to Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success training event which I’ve discussed in previous posts:do-the-presentation-business-setting

What I can tell you is that you are in front of them then you have the skills that got you there so just get yourself out of the way and use 3rd party tools to present – do not do it yourself! I made that mistake a lot in the beginning. Bring them to a local event or have them watch a video or go to a web site – whatever your business does. When I learned this, I grew my business!

How do you do the presentation? What have you learned here? Post a comment below.

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  1. Excellent post Jean. You shared some excellent tips that can help anyone to build their business. ..I have learned so much from Eric Worre, Tanya Aliza and Cesar Rodriguez. Thanks for sharing!

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