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Commit To It

If you want success, you have to commit to it! You must choose to go for it and never look back. Of course you have to find something that makes sense and not do something that doesn’t but you can’t be wishy-washy about it. The biggest commitment in relationships is marriage of course and there is a lot of confusion as to why many women think that men don’t want to commit to it.

Why don’t men commit?

That’s a common question women ask when their man isn’t asking them for their hand in marriage after many years of courting. I love a passage from John Gray’s audio book Keeping the Passion alive where he tried to explain than men aren’t afraid of commitment – they are rather afraid of failure.

Our Proposal – July 15 2011

Men are afraid of failure

Why you ask that men are afraid of failure? Is that why they don’t commit to it – it being marriage? As John Gray explains, it’s all about how you ladies respond to what he does for you. If he gets lots of messages that he would be successful in making you happy, he will be happy to propose. The reason men are afraid is that so many marriages end in divorce today that men are afraid of that failure – 50% of marriages end in divorce so it’s easy to understand this real fear. No one wants to end up with a relationship where they have to support a previous failed one too.

He gives a fun example where a group of people are taking a nature hike and they come to a cliff, hundreds of feet down and just 5 feet across. The guide says they’ll need to jump across and shows them how easy it is. He takes a run and jumps across – no big deal and comes back. Before the first person jumps, he asks: How many people don’t make it across? The guide answers: Oh, about every other person!

Is anybody going to jump? Of course not! In one sense that is why men don’t commit – they are afraid of falling off.

How about you? How did you commit? Did you take a long time? Did your man? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing love the quote “Men are afraid of failure” makes you really think.

    Failure can be scary but to become better sometimes you have to fail a few times.

    1. Yes, of course I agree. I was just quoting John Gray’s point of view which is a generality. Thanks for the comment Dr. Lisa.

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