Don’t Complain – Wealth – Success Tips #49

Don’t complain but enjoy

don't complain
Eclipse in snow

When we are in some situations where we aren’t really enjoying everything, we must think think to
ourselves “don’t complain” anytime we start feeling like complaining.

I was out in the cold, as so many other night here in Montreal where it gets super cold in winter and instead of complaining about the cold, I remembered I should tell myself “don’t complain” and I instead, decided to appreciate the crisp cold air and appreciate that I can breath it without problems or that is make me appreciate the warmer spring and summer days.

If it was never cold, it seems like we wouldn’t appreciate the warmth so much, don’t you think?

When is it that you were going to complain and thought to yourself “don’t complain”? Let me know by commenting below.

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