Leave Little Notes – Relationships – Success Tips #48

Leave Little Notes for Your Wife

If you want a super happy wife, leave little notes all around like a note that says “I was just thinking how lucky I was to have you, love you, have a great day” and stick it on a mirror, on microwave, on fridge or anywhere else you think she’ll find it.

I certainly do not do it enough, but once time, I printed off 50 little cards that said “I Love Mindy because” and wrote on each one a reason I love her and hid all those notes all over the house.i love mindy because leave little notes

Make is a treasure hunt

I told her she was only allows to look for 5 a day and she loved it. We even found a
few notes after we moved.

Us men don’t appreciate little notes like women do, so ladies, don’t worry too much about leaving notes for your man unless he tells you he wishes you did it more often as we are not all the same, it’s just that, generally, women like notes more than men.

John Gray’s story

In one of my audios, John Gray talks about having to go away for a conference during his wife’s birthday and he’s be back only the afternoon of her birthday so he wanted to leave her a note and he decided to put it in her pillow. When he returned, she was all excited to tell him the story of how she heard a noise when she went to bed and she took a while to find it and then she was so happy to find the note. He gave her a great piece of jewelry for her birthday, but her favorite gift was the note. He knew to leave little notes and she told everyone that was her favorite gift.

Hope you enjoyed this and you will leave little notes too. Let me know what happens when you do this by commenting below.

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