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Find Their Sign

Isn’t it great when you start talking to people and you can find their sign? Well, maybe you don’t know yet, but if you’ve started talking to strangers and you’re learned to form them, as explained in my previous blog, you should start enjoying to do that is you do it regularly.

Everyone is different. If you’ve never been the kind of person to talk to people like I was many many years ago, it may take you a while to master and enjoy the skill. I was always someone who didn’t mind talking to people, I had a confidence about me but I did feel it was a waste of time – some of you may have felt the same in the past.

One thing I learned is that it’s never a waste of time to get to know others. It will make you feel good inside just to get to know them because you are giving them something – an interested ear.

On to sign

Okay, so back to find their sign. This is another acronym that I learned from Dani Johnson and she says that S stands for Strength, I stands for Interests, G stands for Goals and N stands for Needs – so Strengths – Interests – Needs – Goals. Cool, eh?

So as you Form them, you find their sign – this allows you to give them the right message (the M from form) If you want to learn more about FORMing ans SIGNs so that you can close those sales and get the number, I invite you to check out the Prospecting and Closing script book from Dani Johnson, it is amazing.

If you are short on cash, then go ahead and get the FREE 30 day boot camp from Smarter Networker, it is amazing and is really free – over 30 hours or audios with Dani Johnson when she goes into details on all this.

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