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Give Compliments

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Everybody loves to get compliments and if you’re like me you also love to give them. If you don’t love to give compliments, I challenge you to learn to love it. By doing it and giving people compliments you will see their happiness in receiving them and it will encourage you to do more.

I know that for me, I always enjoyed complimenting someone because I knew I liked to receive compliments myself so I naturally assumed others liked it and sometimes, I would not be sure about it, such as telling a woman her hair looked good since I am married happily, some may think the motive is wrong, but I stopped worrying about that and the end result is that I make others happy. Of course I compliment my wife all the time too and that makes me even happier to see her happy.

What ends up happening is you will start to enjoy it more and more and you’ll miss it when you don’t compliment someone. The beauty when you give compliments though is that it applies to all facets of your life such as relationships, work, sales, recruiting and parenting.

In relationships

One thing to note is that to give compliments is a dialect from the Words Of Affirmation Love Language from Gary Chapman‘s book The Five Love Languages. A great book on relationships and understanding that we each have different love languages. It is definitely very important to compliment your spouse. For example, when she takes an hour to get ready for your date night, don’t tell her to hurry because you’ll be late for reservation at restaurant. Remember that she did it for you, she did it so you’d be proud to be her man, instead give compliments, tell her something like “wow, you look amazing”.

Same thing for you man, if he spent all afternoon cleaning up the yard and he’s tracking some dirt in the house, don’t remind him of the dirt, it’s just going to make him feel like you don’t care that he worked so hard. Instead, give compliments and tell him what an amazing job he did and how great the yard looks. By doing that, he will automatically feel appreciated and will pay more attention to not bringing dirt in the house.

Of course, these are just ideas and not everyone will get the same results, so experiment and see what you get.

In sales & prospecting

When you give compliments to strangers, you are opening a whole new world of sales and prospecting gold. Since people love getting compliments, they instantly feel an appreciation for you and if you continue the conversation using the FORMing tools I discuss in my other blog pages and videos and you find their SIGN (another topic I discuss), you will become a master recruiter and sales expert.

Just practice it regularly, I suggest daily. Give compliments to at least one person a day, either someone you know or work with or a stranger. It could be something as simple as “wow, you’re fast, we don’s see that often, I’ll have to come to your checkout line next time” when you get a grocery clerk that is faster than others at packing up your stuff.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with complimenting people. Have you been doing it before? Do you do it more now? Comment below and let me know so we can get to know each other better.

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