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Form people

I love this topic. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been learning to form people only for about a professor talking to his female studentsyear and I love it. I’ve always been a person who enjoyed talking to people even though some of my friends would say that I am anti-social but that’s only because I’ve always been trying to do something to make me rich 🙂

Now though, I am out to make others rich! So, this post is all about teaching you what forming means and how to form people, but also why you would want to do that.

The really great thing about this skill is that it’s not just for sales or business, it’s also to make friends, for your relationships, for your job and all social interactions in your life like visiting your doctor or talking to realtors to buy a house! It helps in all those areas and more!

What is FORM?

When you form people, you are asking them questions about themselves. You are controlling the conversation which means you are the one asking questions and not answering theirs. FORM is an acronym for Family, Occupation, Recreation and Message. It is meant to help you remember what questions to ask in case you get lost. It’s not mean to order questions, but it can be like that in beginning until you are used to asking questions.

You also need to learn to not form people with specific questions, but rather find questions that flow naturally in the conversation. If you get Dani Johnson‘s Prospecting and Closing script book, or even better, the script book bundle, it will help a lot in helping you knowing what questions to ask – she also includes a fantastic audio with the book which is worth it’s weight in gold times 10!

For example, if you say to them: “Wow, nice scarf, where did you get it?” and they reply Market-Research-Image“Oh, thanks. I got it from this cute little shop downtown where my husband works”, then would would follow up with “Awesome, what does your husband do?”. It takes practice, but as you try new things and talk to more people, you’ll get better. I definitely recommend getting Dani’s Script Books though, they will help a lot.

Areas this helps

As I said, this is not just to prospect or for sales people, this is for every area of your life. If you practice to get good and form people properly, you will find that your colleges at work will like yo more, you will find that the bank teller is less resistant to help you out with your problem or that your lawyer might not charge you for that extra call you made to him. Even your kids will behave better!

Just try it and you’ll see.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with forming and how it has helped in your life. Post a comment below so we can get to know each other better.


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