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Give gifts

give-gifts-savannah gets camera
Savannah Getting Camera

Christmas time is always a great time to give gifts but it’s not the only time of the year to give gifts, especially if that is your spouse’s or child’s love language. This picture is from last Christmas when I gave my daughter Savannah her favorite gift, an old camera I wasn’t using anymore – she totally loves it and still uses it today. I love this picture and how her younger sister Alyssa is admiring it, they are so cute. I was worries that she wouldn’t love the camera as much as she was always asking for one but I was super happy that she started taking pictures with it right away, just like her father and other bigger sister Corissa, and even today she still asks for it once in a while.

The 5 Love Languages

To get back to the subject to give gifts, this is one of the love languages from Gary Chapman’s book, the 5 love languages, a great book as I’ve said in other blog posts. For someone who’s love language is to receive gifts, you can give almost any kind of gift such as a object but it can also be a card, a surprise party or a dance when you are out somewhere.

The reason why the person feels loved is because you took time to think about them, you took time to figure out what they liked and you took time to plan how and when you would give it to them.

The Five love languages are: Words of Affirmation, where you give compliments and appreciation, Acts of Service where you do things for others, Receiving Gifts where you would give them gifts, Quality Time where you would spend focused and dedicated time with them and Physical Touch which refers to holding hands, giving hugs & kisses as well as sexual intercourse for couples.

What is your Love language? Comment below, I’d love to find out what you think.

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