Think Win-Win – Wealth – Success Tips #68

Think Win-Win

While waiting for my angel to board the plane, I noticed the advertising with a message to think win-win. When you think about that saying. it may not be easy to understand what Steven R. Covey was trying to convey with his book the 7 habits of Highly effective people and this habit #4 in his list to think win-win.

As my angel left to return to our tiny angels who missed their mommy after 1 week away I didn’t feel like this was a win-win scenario but if you take Steven R. Covey literally, we can focus on positives and we can always find win-win in everything.110-Stephen-R-Covey-The-7-Habits-of-Highly-Effective-People

If you google the term think win-win, you will find lots of information on that topic and great kids videos too. When you think of companies and when I think of the advertisement at the airport, I see lots of win-win scenarios. For example, there was an add about exporting and how companies who export are more profitable. This means that if you have products and you pay services to export them, the company who you pay to export the products wins because they get more billing income from you but you win because you get more sales and also more income.

Same as a job, if your boss allows you to take a training, you win because you learn something new and increase your value and your boss wins because he(she) gets a more knowledgeable employee and a happier one too.

How about you? Do you have a good example of when you can think win-win? I’m sure you do – please comment below and share your thoughts.

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