Remember They Forget – Parenting – Success Tips #67

Remember they forget

Beautiful Drawing on Wall

As you can see, my daughter forgot that she’s not supposed to draw on the walls. We have to remember they forget! We keep telling her every time we give her crayons and paper that she’s to draw only on the paper.

I tell you, she was SO proud to show us her wonderful drawing on the wall – it was her masterpiece – her biggest drawing yet! We had to remember that they forget! It wasn’t easy because the first reaction was “Oh my God! I told you – don’t write on the walls” and then it was important to mention “I know you are proud of your drawing and I think it’s very nice, but you can’t draw on walls, only on paper, please try to remember” and then of course the dreaded consequence “No more crayons for you”.

It’s not easy

It’s not easy to remember they forget, building self-esteeme in childrenour beautiful angels that have no motives in the world to upset us or stress us out, but we get stressed, don’t we? I bet you have lots of stories to tell about your stresses.

Just remember they forget, I’ve read a few books and listened to many audios such as How to raise happy, healthy, self confident children by Brian Tracy and Building Self-Esteem in Your Child by Susan Baile and many authors agree that children truthfully forget and it’s a medical fact that remembering is a skill that they learn as they get older… even until their adulthood. So even your teenager will forget their keys or to take their lunch or put their clothes in the hamper! They’re not trying to drive you nuts!

How goes your battle with your kids remembering things you tell them? Do you have a fun story about this topic? I’d love to hear about it, please post your comments below.

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