Go Sightseeing – Family – Success Tips #27

Go sightseeing with your family

We visited the Saint Joseph’s Oratory (Oratoire St-Joseph) in Montreal, Quebec, CanadaGo Sightseeing - painted glass window
last summer and I just recently went inside to get a video for you here. My wife and daughters really enjoyed visiting and viewing this masterpiece of architecture. There is a museum in there as well about Saint Brother Andre (Frère André) and how all this started. I am always amazed at the beauty and details in 150+ year old churches and cathedrals and especially like the stained glass windows.

We love to go sightseeing

We go sightseeing often and we both love the activity, sometimes it’s just driving around, other times it’s walks in some trails and times like this is visiting a landmark. Last year, we tried to do that once a month and in summer months, once a week when it was nice out. We saw great views and beautiful nature scenes.

Go Sightseeing - at oratoryNo matter what you do to sight see, you will find that it brings your family closer, your kids will love it and your relationship with your spouse will blossom.

Tell me about your sightseeing activities, what do you enjoy doing? Let’t get to know each other.

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