Shout from Highest Mountain – Wealth – Success Tips #28

Shout from Highest Mountain

Don’t whisper from the deepest well but instead shout from highest mountain which basically means that you should not keep your ideas to yourself but instead tell anyone that wants to listen about your ideas. This is a relatively new paradigm on managing ideas brought on by the ease of access to information.

The theory is that someone else already has an idea like yours or even exactly the same as yours and they might bring it to market before you. Shouting from highest mountain also helps you to discover how passionate and convinced you are of your idea and helps you to make it clearer.

Do you worry?

If you worry about someone else stealing your idea, you could always go the old school way with NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) and that’s certainly up to you, all I’m saying is that documenting your idea is a good way to protect yourself in the future as you’ll have what is called prior art.

I’m not a lawyer

Shout from Highest Mountain
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Now, I’m not a lawyer, so don’t take this advice as legal but instead realize it’s just that I personally rather shout from the highest mountain instead of whispering from the deepest well.

Let me know if you prefer shouting from highest mountain or whispering from deepest well, I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

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