How to not be Tired in Afternoon – Health – Success Tips #5

How to not be Tired in Afternoon

Stay away from fatty and sugary foods at lunch, it’s that simple and you will not be tired in afternoon. Well, maybe there’s other stuff going on with you, but for me, that’s been making a huge difference. Checkout my personal development audios I listen to.

I know that you are thinking that exercising, sleeping and eating well the rest of the day are important too, but I know that for me, when I have a burger, pizza or some other big meal at lunch, I’m ready to go to sleep at 3pm and even a coffee or a snack doesn’t seem to help.

Just 2 eggs and veggies

I decided one day to start having just 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 servings of veggies (raw) at lunch. The first day or 2 were fine but the rest of that first week wasn’t so yummy… however, I stuck to it the next week and now, I actually crave the eggs and veggies on days that I don’t bring it to work with me. The days that I have my eggs and veggies at lunch, I don’t get tired in afternoon, it’s great.

Rest of my diet

Some people tell me not to eat eggs every day and I’m sure that’s good advice when that’s all you eat, but my diet is my healthy shake in the morning (around 7-8am), then I have one 100g yogurt at 10am, my eggs and veggies at lunch time, another 100g yogurt plus a unsweetened apple snax cup at 3pm and I have a regular meal for supper (I don’t worry too much about that meal) and I usually have a bowl of mini wheats with hemp hearts (6-8 tea spoons) and chia seeds (2 tea spoons) in evening. I know it’s not perfect, and you’re going to want to tell me all about how I should not be doing this or that, but it’s a lot better than I used to eat.

Please share

Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the subject. Let me know what you think and what your diet is like by commenting and sharing this post.

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