Make Juice Freezies – Parenting – Success Tips #51

Make Juice Freezies

Your kids will love them and you will be serving themMake Juice Freezies healthier snacks. My wife was telling me how our little ones were enjoying orange juice freezies the other day and she was telling me how bad the other stuff at the grocery store is. She was also telling me how the girls love smoothies as freezies. Of course us adults love those too because they are so tasty and fun.

That’s why there’s so many smoothie shops in the malls and it’s crazy how expensive those are – like $4-$5 for single glass! Woah!

Frozen smoothie freezies too

You can make your own at home with just some frozen strawberries, blueberries, pineapples or any other frozen fruits you like and even put in fresh fruits. Just put a bit of water in a blender, add the fruits and maybe a yogurt, blend on hi until smooth and put in the freeze pop containers. Next day you have fruit only smoothie freezies!

Same goes for juice freezies, just make the juice or preferable use fresh juice like orange or apple juice and pour it full strength in the freezie containers and voila!

Yum! Enjoy.

Let me know how it turned out for you and how your kids loved them by commenting below.

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