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Stop Procrastinating

We all do it, we wait until┬áthe last minute before doing something. It’s like Tony Robbins says in his power talks, we associate more pain with doing it now than with doing it later or we associate more pleasure with waiting and doing something else and we don’t stop procrastinating.

The only way to stop procrastinating is to just do it, and this may be simplistic, but we all know it.Stop Procrastinating The problem is that we don’t feel like doing it so we need to find more pain in waiting than in doing it now or we need to associate pleasure to doing it now.

This is why it works to give yourself some small rewards for doing things now. For example, tell yourself you won’t have that favorite food until you do your task. The first few times you do this, it will feel really annoying to wait for your reward, but after a while you will stop procrastinating and you will enjoy doing your tasks now due to the fact your mind will associate the please you get after with your reward.

How do you find ways to stop procrastinating? Did this tip help? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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