Learn Personality GEMS – Relationships – Success Tips #53

Learn Personality GEMSlearn personality gems

I was privileged to meet Dani Johnson in person at First Steps To Success in Los Angeles last year
to learn personality GEMS.

Her course GEMS is so easy to understand. You’ll learn that there are 4 basic personality types, the Sapphires who want to have fun, the Pearls who want to save the world, the Emeralds who love details and structure and the Rubies who will compete with everyone. You’ll also learn that Sapphires and Emeralds as well as Pearls and Rubies have a hard time getting along and why.

This tool to learn personality GEMS is so powerful that it will help you in your relationships, in your job, with your kids and in your business.

Of course nothing if better than live and going to First Steps to Success will give you some more visual and emotional memories but this course includes audio and video training which is amazing and the way Dani teaches it will change your life!

Let me know what you’ve learned from Dani or other personality tools, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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