Show Your Emotions – Relationship – Success Tips #54

Show Your Emotions

It’s not always easy for us men when we get told “show your emotions” because I am certainly excited and happy to see my wife after a month when she is coming to visit me all alone. She needed the brake from the kids, but it was awesome for use to have some alone time.

In any case, I recorded a¬†little clip while I was waiting for her at the airport and though it wasn’t what I wanted to I edited it into this other one.

Just remember guys, she will love it when you show your emotions in public and donshow your emotions‘t care what other people think. Just remember how you felt the first 6 months after meeting her – you’d hold hands in public, you’d be giving her flowers if you picked her up at the airport and you’d feel proud to have your woman by your side. I know we all think other guys are looking at us walking with flower and they think “I wonder what he did to need to be forgiven?” but guys, remember that all the woman are looking at you think “OMG, I wonder who the lucky girl is who is getting those flowers is?”

I learned this from Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages where he talks about the initial “in love” phase of a relationship and how you feel about doing public acts of affection – the feeling goes away for most men after a few years and we don’t remember to do these things. I’m here to remind you to continue to do those things and to show your emotions. Just remember, she knows you love her, but she needs to hear it and to see that you are okay with showing others that you love her.

You see, it’s all in how you see it – just go ahead and show your emotions, she will love it.

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