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Plan Ahead

mindy aruba flight Plan Ahead
She found the flight!

Specifically, plan ahead for romantic getaways. I know you guys are thinking you love to surprise your wives and I love that too. As a mater of fact, the first trip we took, she didn’t even know where we were going, she did know though the dates and how to pack – at least tell her what the temperature is going to be like and some of the activities you will be doing so she knows if she needs her bikini and shorts or her warmest sweater and long johns!

In our case, we were going to Aruba and she just knew we were going to a warm place for 3 weeks and she didn’t find out until getting to the airport and I told he to check the departures board for flights leaving at 7:00 AM.

The rest of the story

Hope it’s okay to tell you about the story a little, but it took her a few moments as we’d been up at 4 AM to get to airport at 5 AM, but she found it and was pretty happy as she’d never been there.she asked me why in my plan ahead, I picked Aruba and I just said it was because of the song – Aruba, Jamaica is where I want to take ya… so I guess she knows where the next place is 🙂

What does expert say?

lacabanaairielview Plan Ahead
Where we stayed – La Cabana BRC

In any case, back to the subject at hand. John Gray talks about this as one of his 10 secrets to keep the passion alive, an audio book I absolutely love, which is drawn from his book Mars & Venus in the Bedroom where he gives other tips such as leave little notes, go on date nights or the quick response.

He explains that women feel included, cared for and loved when we discuss with them the details of the trip before making the decision. Most women will agree that they will most likely say yes to anything you suggest and it’s not about disagreeing with you even if they make suggestions of other things, just remember they love you and really really appreciate it when you plan ahead and include them in the planning.

It’s like this; if you surprise them with the whole trip all planned and booked, they will probably seem upset. They aren’t upset because they don’t like the tip, it’s just they feel excluded, they feel neglected, they feel like their feelings don’t matter and that’s a big deal for them.

So remember to always plan ahead and include your wife in the conversation.

Let me know if this helped you and comment below about your experiences, I’d love to hear them.

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